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Radio Reference for Radicals

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A beginner and intermediate guide to handheld radio, tactical information networks, and communication. Dedicated to all of those who lost their lives in the Coronavirus Pandemic to the indifference of the ruling class. May their memories fuel us to press on. This document was developed over the course of the 2020 Minneapolis Uprising for George Floyd to help comrades develop skills necessary for effective communication generally and effective radio use specifically. Originally a two page help sheet, it has grown beyond the scope of a small guide and into a full reference booklet. Hopefully this booklet will be able to answer many of the recurring questions we see about radios and how to use them. Radios are used in many different circumstances and industries, and several of the authors have professional experience with them. This document takes a broad slice of these radio cultures and puts forth what we think is a simple and clear set of tools and guidelines for radicals hoping to improve their communication skills. These principles have been field tested and adopted by several local groups already for about a year, and we hope to further educate and spread this knowledge to comrades and fellow travelers. As one might expect from the Workers Defense Alliance, this document is written with a horizontal and distributed power model in mind. Similarly, we work under a threat model and political strategy of openly revolutionary politics towards mass action. Others may have to adapt these teachings to their own conditions. As a final warning, this document does not go into the legality of amateur radio, as this may depend on laws in your area. Know the law where you live.
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