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Don't Repeat Police Narratives Trying to Discount and Disrupt Working Class Rebellion

July 28, 2020
Body paragraph

Please be very suspicious of today’s police strategic leak around the investigation of “Umbrella man” who broke windows at the E. Lake St Autozone during the Minneapolis Uprising.

The police and power structure have an INTEREST in defaming and discrediting the Uprising as something that came from outside our communities. They have already been caught in lies on this before (remember all the “out of state” arrestees that all turned out to be Minnesotan?). The Uprising was clearly an act by the youth and poor people of Minneapolis and surrounding communities - no one will EVER be able to take that away from us.

Now for the particulars, and the problem with this story:

1. While “Umbrella Man” was shady as hell, they had no real impact on the Uprising at all.

2. The article implies this man started the “violent” protesting. The police started the violence with rubber bullets, tear gas, and Mather rounds. People had started fighting back right away - more than 24 hours before “Unbrella Man” appeared.

3. Target had been well looted before Autozone was. The Hi-Lake Liquor store has been looted the night before Autozobe was.

4. The story implies “Umbrella man” started the fires in Autozone. This is not true. He had been chased away well before any fires started at Autozone.

5. I find it hard to believe a Hells Angel went solo into a riot to cause mischief and then was pretty easily punked out of the crowd by someone smaller than he.

6. Why would the MPD/media run with this story before any arrest is made?

Ask yourself why you should believe ANYTHING the police say about the Uprising - and always be conscious of what their INTERESTS are in spreading a certain narrative.

Please be cautious about sharing this story . . . the cops are counting on the community to do their work for them.