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October 25, 2022

Anti-Drag Campaign Attacks Queer Community, Art, and Workers; Antifascists Fight Back


Visitors to St Paul public libraries in recent weeks may have found an atmosphere quite different from the usual quiet and calm among the bookshelves. On two separate occasions since September, our libraries have played host to competing rallies - on the one hand, members of a hate mob gathered to oppose queer cultural events, particularly Drag Queen Story Hour. On the other hand, antifascists and other community members there to defend queer people and freedom of expression.

Although the far right street presence in the Twin Cities has been beaten back multiple times in the last five years, it is undergoing a resurgence - and its target is the queer community, through a manufactured outrage around drag events.

cw: mentions of CSA, transphobic & racist violence, anti-trans and antisemitic conspiracy theories

September 26, 2022

Proud Boys Try to Start Violent Confrontation at Children's Event at Public Library, Fail


A joyous Saturday morning of story telling by beloved local drag performers for children and families was in danger of being disrupted by a group of Hold the Line MN and Proud Boys. A coalition of counterprotesters ensured the event proceeded as planned, thwarted the Proud Boys in inciting violence, shielded families and children from pornographic images displayed by Hold the Line MN and the Proud Boys, and made sure all attendees were able to leave safely.

cw: virulent transphobia, queerphobia, transphobic rhetoric