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SALUTE / ALERTA mnemonics for actionable information

Request Aid & Support: Activity, Location, Equipment, Request aid, Time & date, Appearance
Body paragraph

Spread information, not panic. We protect one another by sharing useful and actionable information, not rumors.  A.L.E.R.T.A., for a specific request for any aid!

Response requested
Time & date

Request Aid & Support

For rapid response use ALERTA, and include a specific request for aid: observation, de-escalation, survivor support, medical aid, bystander intervention, etc.

What is happening?  Activity
Where is this happening?  Location
Are there weapons, vehicles, etc. involved?  Equipment
What response is being requested?  Request aid
What is the exact time and date?  Time & date
Who? How many? What are they wearing?  Appearance


Dec 13 1:12pm (Time & date)
There are four APD officers (Appearance)
harassing a Black teen (Activity)
on the corner of Haywood & Virginia in West Ash (Location)
3 squad cars on the scene (Equipment)
Requesting aid to observe and record (Request aid)

ALERTA is credited to radicals in Asheville, as an alternative to SALUTE, to move away from the US military framework and to emphasize the request for a response.

You may still be asked to provide information according to SALUTE— similar purpose, different acronym.

Spread information, not panic. When reporting or signal boosting potential threats, provide as much information as possible!

SALUTE guide:

S - size/strength
A - actions/activity
L - location & direction
U - uniform/clothes
T - time & date of observation
E - equipment/weapons


Size/strength: "5 to 6 armed agitators"
Actions/activity:  "Harassing random peope on the move"
Location & direction:  "Manhattan, East of Central Park, E 97th St"
Uniform/clothes:  "Dark jackets, ballcaps"
Time & date of observation:  "8:32 PM June 1"
Equipment & weapons:  "They have body armor and pepper spray"

Not a useful tweet: "proudboys spotted"

Where?  When?  What are they doing?  How many?  What are they carrying?"

Use your judgement!

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