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Building connections to revolutionary change while organizing

August 14, 2021
Body paragraph

One of the basic questions aspiring revolutionary groups have to ask is, "How do revolutionary changes come about?", and then ask if what they are doing is in line with their own beliefs about how revolutions happen.

If you believe, for example, that the working class creates revolution through escalating cycles of struggle against capital or through ruptures of labor peace, then your activity as a group should probably focus on building militant workplace organization and the means to defend those bodies during times of heightened struggle when they face repression.

If a group resembles more closely a network of activists mobilizing for one another's different ideas across a grab-bag spectrum of issues, then you have to ask yourself, what sort of collective power are you building? What's the unifying political strategy behind the disparate things you're doing? Many issues relate to each other in fundamental ways, but are you successfully building those connections in the organizing?