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The Defender: Winter 2020/21

Banner: No Justice, No Peace, No Fascists, No Police, Black Lives Matter
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‘zine of the Workers Defense Alliance, Twin Cities, Winter 2020/21.

In this issue:

  • We Build Solidarity, Not Pipelines
  • Politics Without Proud Boys
  • Reflections on Action Tactics
  • Copwatch in the Twin Cities
  • Recuperation, Collaborators, and Informants
  • Five Fascist Fuckers
  • Sanctuary: How I Came To Find a Home
  • A Powderhorn Neighbor on Solidarity
  • Housing and Racial Justice
  • A Summer of Militant Action for Housing Justice
  • Behind the Barricades at 18th Avenue
  • Frontline Fight Against Allina Workplace Retaliation
  • When The Man Tries to Tell You About Racism
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Defender 2